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Ball Valve with 3/8 Quick Couplers



Ball Valve with 3/8 Quick Couplers

The BA-ABV-038-PCI is a Ball Valve with 3/8 FNPT x 3500 PSI with Quick Couplers. Allows you to change from surface cleaner to spray gun while under pressure. Due to the harsh environment that pressure washer ball valves are used in they do not come with any time warranty. They are dragged across the ground, dropped off roofs, and used as a wash down nozzles when half closed. Rated at 3000 PSI Working Pressure. Maximum Pressure 3500.


Size: 3/8” with Quick Couplers

Rated Working Pressure: 3000 PSI
Max Pressure: 3500 PSI
Max Temperature: 176 Deg. F.
Material: Steel