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MV2012  5075 PSI Spray Gun

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MV2012 is a 10.6 GPM and 5075 PSI  Spray Gun


U.S. Metric
Flow 10.6 GPM 40 L/min
Pressure (Maximum) 5075 PSI 350 bar
Maximum Temperature 320 ºF 150 ºC
Inlet 3/8″  FNPT
Outlet 1/4″ FNPT
Weight 1.8 lbs 0.82 kg
Discharge Fitting  Brass
Special Features Non-Weep
Heavy duty Italian-made shut-off gun with rear load design. An ergonomic handle and easy pull style trigger design that allow the user to operate the gun in an easy manner. With the unique orientation of the discharge tube, the gun allows the user to work for long periods of time. The safety lock prevents accidental opening of the valve. Designed with a stainless steel control bolt, stainless steel cam, stainless steel seat and stainless steel ball, the gun features machined brass inlet fitting, and brass inlet and discharge tube. .With a 4:1 burst ratio and thirty day warranty, this shut-off gun features a very durable design (in its class) in its industry.