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Soft Wash Kit with 300′ Reach



The SW-35007-300 soft wash kit comes with everything but the tank and battery. This is a perfect addition to any existing system or new system.  

 We use an industrial grade 12v chemical pump that is rated for up to 7 GPM and 100 PSI. The kit includes a ¾” bulk head for your chemical tank, ¾” tank to pump plumbing with 8 foot of feed line, a demand 12V pump, 10 foot of 1/2” feed from pump to hose reel, A 18” Aluminum hose reel with stainless steel plumbing and low-pressure PVC swivel for long term use, 300’ of ½” 600 PSI AG hose, A PVC ball valve spray wand with 3/8” stainless steel QC’s and a stainless steel 4 tip JRod setup for long to short range.

This system with the tips provided will run approximately 3 GPM at 70 PSI.

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